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          Model No.: 0840

          Mini DisplayPort+USB3.0 A M to HDMI F+Mini DisplayPort F+2x USB3.0+SD+Micro SD

          1. Input:Mini DP M  USB3.0 A /M

          2.Output:1xMini DP F 1xHDMI F 1x2x USB3.0 A F 1xSD3.0  1xMicro SD3.0
          3.The Mini DP+USB3.0 A to Mini DP+HDMI+USB3.0*2+SD&Micro SD Adapter is   mainly designed for Microsoft Surface Pro Series 4/5/6.
          4.HDMI1.4 complaint, HDMI output max resolution up to 4K30Hz.
          5.Mini DP1.2 compliant, Mini DP output max resolution up to 4K60Hz.
          6.USB3.0 A/F data transmission speed up to 5Gbps.
          7.SD3.0 / Micro SD3.0 version , data transmission speed up to   104MB/s, SD/Micro SD card can read/write at same time.
          8.Single Video Display.
          9.When both Mini DP and HDMI connected, mini DP monitor display first.

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