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          Model No.: 0777

          USB-C  to HDMI+DP+RJ45+2xUSB 3.0 +SD Card Reader+3.5mm Audio + PD 3.0

          USB-C multiport adapter with HDMI+DP output, USB data transfer, GbE, SD card reader, and PD.  This product turns your USB-C laptop into a fully functioned workstation virtually wherever you go.


          *Compliant with USB-C standard. Reversible connector
          *HDMI output up to 4K*2K@30Hz
          *DP output up to 4K*2K@30Hz
          *Dual display under duplicate mode at 1920*1080p@60Hz each
          *1x3.5mm audio -16bit  48KHz
          *2xUSB 3.0 data transfer up to 5Gbps
          *Gigabit Ethernet port compatible to 10M/100M/1000Mbps networks
          *SD/Micro SD 2.0 card read and write speed up to 48Mbps
          *1x USB-C female PD 3.0 up to 60W (20V 3A) and data transfer 5Gbps.

          USB C Hub, Type C Hub Adapter 3.1 with USB C Charging, DisplayPort, HDMI,2 USB 3.0 , Gigabit Ethernet port,SD Card Reader for MacBook Pro, Dell,Chromebook,etc

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